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Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


Here we are, completing our sixth week of Lenten journey, a journey that has probably been the most trying in our lifetime. Many of us have lived the past few weeks with feeling of disbelief, anger and maybe even a sense of abandonment. But I am most confident, that these weeks have also taught us love, compassion, empathy, and patience. 


Although we are unable to be physically together, in some sense, this pandemic has drawn all of us closer - but in spirit. We have become more in-tune with each other’s feelings and emotions. We have become more understanding, more patient, which in essence is a great spiritual accomplishment. Perhaps this separation will only make our reunification that much stronger and even more joyous. 


This year we are not able to celebrate Palm Sunday and Holy Pascha together - but we will be together in spirit. As you know, traditionally on Palm Sunday we bless willows. The willows symbolize new life, just as Jesus' resurrection signified new life. Today we blessed willows and once the church reopens it’s doors, everyone will receive a branch upon entering holy temple in sign of victory. 


As difficult days lie ahead for our country and as we are about to embark on Holy Week, it makes some think: is it a coincidence that such difficult days fell on days preceding Holy Pascha? After all, Holy Week is observed with special solemnity as a time of devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ. This week is also know as Great Week because great deeds were done by God during this week. This all gives us tremendous hope that great deeds will come from God because God’s love for us all is unconditional. 


What we are facing is daunting, but I am heartened by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, humanity and love. Although these are trying times for us all, I remain optimistic that our world will thrive once again. 


As we draw near Holy Pascha it is important that we continue our Liturgical life, as it serves as spiritual food and uplifts us in times of trouble. You and your family will be in my prayers and I ask for your prayers, so that we can win this battle and be reunited as one family in Christ.
With all my Love in Christ!
Fr. Taras




Ми завершуємо шостий тиждень великого посту, який мабуть був найбільш випробувальним у нашому житті. Багато з нас прожили останні тижні з почуттям зневіри, гніву і відчаю. Але я переконаний, що ці тижні також навчили нас любові, співчуття, співпереживання та терпіння.


Сьогодні ми фізично не можемо бути разом, але я вважаю що ця пандемія зблизила нас усіх духовно. Ми стали краще керуватися почуттями та емоціями один дного. Ми стали більш чутливішими та терплячими, що по суті є великим духовним звершенням. Можливо, ця вимушена розлука, зробить наше возз’єднання багато сильнішим і радісним. 


Хоча ми не зможемо святкувати Вербну Неділю та Святу Пасху разом - ми будемо разом духовно. Сьoгoднi ми святили вербу. Верба, як і воскресіння Христа, символізує нове життя. І як тільки церква знову відкриє свої двері, кожен отримає гілочку, ввійшовши до святого храму на знак перемоги.


Сьогодні, наша країна переживає тяжкі часи, і перед початком Страсного тижня ми задумуємось: Чи випадково це все припадає на дні, що передують Святій Пасці? Адже Страсний тиждень проводиться з особливою увагою і покаянням як час відданості Страстям Ісуса Христа. Цей тиждень також відомий як великі тиждень, тому що дивні і великі діла були створені Богом протягом саме цього тижня, і це дає нам величезну надію і віру, що великі вчинки прийдуть від Бога, тому що любов Бога до всіх нас є безумовною. 


Те, з чим ми стикаємося - нелегко, але я відчуваю моменти тріумфу в повсякденних актах мужності, людяності та любові. У ці важкі часи для всіх нас, я залишаюсь оптимістом, і вірю, що наш світ і наше життя буятимуть пишним цвітом. 


На порозі свята Святої Пасхи надзвичайно важливо продовжувати наше літургійне життя, оскільки воно - духовна їжа, яка дає нам силу з гідністю пройти усі випробовування. Ви і ваша родина будете в моїх молитвах, і я прошу ваших молитов щоб ми могли перебороти цю біду і возз’єднатися як одна сім’я в Христі. 
З любoв'ю у Христі!

  1. Тарас
A message from Fr. Taras and Andrew Passyn, Parish Board President

Giving to the Parish in this time of crisis

Glory to Jesus Christ!

We hope this message finds you well and safe.  We also pray that your Lenten journey continues on in earnest.  These are certainly unusual and trying times but we will of course get through them with continued prayer, fasting, and alms giving.

Although in these times we are physically separated from our parish community, please continue to support our Cathedral with whatever financial donations you can give or are accustomed to giving. 

Your financial support of our Cathedral is much appreciated as the bills and maintenance of facilities continue, even in this time of crisis.  We, as your priest and President of the Parish Board of Stewards, sincerely thank you for your past contributions and especially your continued support going forward.

There are four ways in which you may continue to contribute while absent from our Cathedral.

1.    By Mail: Simply enclose your weekly or special contribution envelope in a regular envelope and send to:

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Saint Vladimir

6740 North 5th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19126

2.   By our Church Management System BREEZE

Simply click on this link:

and fill in the amount of your gift and select whether by Credit Card or Transfer from your Checking Account. 

Then select from the drop down menu which Fund you want your donation to go to. You may make donations to more than one Fund, if so desired. Simply click on add Gift to another fund.

Then fill in all of the blanks on the form and finally click on Donate Now.

3.  By Text Message: The Cathedral's TEXT-TO-GIVE number is:(215) 703-9009

  • The process and choices are very similar to #2 above donating at the Cathedral's Breeze weblink. 

4.   You may also contribute via the Cathedral website via the DONATE TAB at the top of the Cathedral's website:

 We are working with Facebook to add a DONATE button to the Cathedral's Facebook page.

Once again, we thank you for your past support and especially your continued support in this trying time.

May Jesus Christ our God and Physician of our souls, bodies and world continue to heal us.


In Christ

Fr. Taras and Andrew Passyn

A message from Father Taras....

March 28, 2020

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and well.

It is safe to say these past weeks have been among some of the most tumultuous and emotional that any of us can remember in our lifetimes. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been felt by individuals and families across the United States and around the world. This crisis and the social distancing have allowed us to witness something profound and moving about ourselves: our fond and deeply felt wish to be connected with one another.

I wish to again remind each and everyone of you that I and the Cathedral Parish are here for you, weather it is spiritual or financial. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are in need of assistance.

As we continue through these difficult times, we must remember that each and every one of us play an important role in preventing the spread of this virus by practicing social distancing. That is why the Hierarchs have directed that all UOC of USA churches are to remain closed for public worship for the duration of this threat to all of us. As such, the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral will be celebrated behind closed doors. That decision was also made in consideration of the ever-increasing restrictions being announced daily by federal, state and local government bodies.

The Cathedral will be open for private prayers only on the following days:

  • Sundays 10:00am – 1:00pm
  • Wednesdays 4:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Fridays 10:00am – 12:00pm

Live stream Liturgy on Facebook, from St. Andrew Memorial Church 10:00 AM can be viewed:

Please remember, that if you are in church for prayers - do not congregate - remain six feet apart - do not converse while in the temple. 

I remind you that during this time the ministry of listening is very important. Many people are in isolation. You can help them by making a phone call, writing a card, deliver food and supplies.

We also invite you to join us in morning prayers held Monday through Friday at 7:15am. For more information, please contact Natalie Bilynsky at

Moring prayers 7:30 AM and Evening Prayers 9:00PM may be viewed from the Seminary Chapel:

We can work miracles with prayer!

In Christ,

Fr. Taras Naumenko




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